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Welcome to Modern Laboratory – the Restoration Side of Modern Mobler.

Services include anything from small scratch removal to complete rebuilds. Our main priority is our client’s happiness, one day after delivery and 1000 days after delivery. If you're not satisfied for any reason, call us and let’s work it out.


Modern Laboratory offers our clients the following services; French Polish; Scratch removal; Leg repair; Expansion cracking remediation; Parts re-manufacture; Dent filling; Burn-ins; Watermark removal; Color Matching; Faux Finishes; Glazing and hand-applied finishes; Gilding with Gold and silver Leaf; Onsite staircase restoration; New Furniture design and building; vintage furniture reproduction and cabinet re-facing. We also offer on-site banister refinishing, stair banister and spindle reproduction. Painting of: any and all furniture, cabinetry, doors and windows, stairs and banisters.


Modern Laboratory is proud to offer you custom reupholstery services from a simple re-covering to a complete refurbish. Choose from our many fabric options or provide your own. Love a piece you found in the store but want a different fabric to go with your home decor? We offer seamless service from purchase to delivery.

Offering years of expertise, our knowledgeable staff has provided quality upholstery for homes as well as commercial work throughout Washington, D.C., and the surrounding areas. Our primary focus is Mid Century and Danish Modern but we expertly reupholster all types of modern and vintage furniture from a variety of periods.

Take advantage of our free estimates to determine the style and color that best suits your particular space.


All pick-up and deliveries are always free. Distance may affect the overall price if your location is substantially further than our normal travel areas. You may receive a discount if you bring the project to the shop


Here at Modern Laboratory, we are constantly thinking about our impact on the environment. We even recycle our rags! We do this to keep them out of the environment, this also keeps our costs down, and those savings are passed onto our clients.

We use mostly low VOC waterborne paints! Although it would be impossible to use ONLY low VOC paint and environmentally safe chemicals, we do our best to use as much low VOC paint and recycle the waste. Left over paints get mixed and repainted as "experimental" colors or as primer for other topcoats. Excess chemicals and cleaners are strained and reused to clean spray guns, clean hands and will eventually be used.

We never dump our chemicals, even if they are truly useless! Responsibly dealing with our chemical waste is one of the most important things we can do to reduce the global effect the painting industry has on the earth. Modern Laboratory encourages other shops to recycle their paints and welcomes any questions on the various ways we recycle.

When we build, we build critically: Most new furniture factories create a ton of wood waste as a by-product to manufacturing. Luckily, wood itself is extremely useful! Our scrap lumber never touches the landfill. It will either be burned to heat the shop in the winter, used as test pieces to match new finishes to old ones, be chopped up for glue blocks, made into stir sticks for paint, etc.

We proudly serve the tri-state area and beyond.